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Traditional Chinese medicine standard product custom business

      The traditional Chinese medicine reference substance mean for the identification, examination, content determination and calibration of standard material test instrument performance; Traditional Chinese medicine standard means for biological assay, determination of content or potency of antibiotics or biological drugs in standard materials. Herbpurify focus on development and traditional Chinese medicine reference substance and traditional Chinese medicine standard , has rich technical background and perfect the process of accumulation, and strong R & D team, Herbpurify could be customizes product and research according to your different demand, different specifications of the traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine standard, especially customizes product for the cold ingredients according to different categories of products.
Suppy the NMR, MS, HPLC, TLC spectra and structure identification of the purity of the product spectrum figure for all customizes products.

Natural drug active monomer custom service

         Natural medicine is identification for the modern system of medicine that the herbal medicine, animal medicine and mineral medicine are provided with pharmacological activity. Natural medicine is not equivalent to traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese herbal medicine. Base on the multi target natural active substances (Group) have been discovered and the abundant resource of natural medicine in nature. In view of the innovative drugs research and methods. That are supply technical support for new medicine research,Expolder nature herbal medicine is Herbpurify’s main areas. Dressing by screeningextractionseparationpurification of herbal medicine, and according to the modern science technology to obtained the high content pure natural drug components, that will assist develop modern natural medicine and pharmacological attribution.Development and production drug activity monomer is one of the key business in Herbpurify . For a long time, Herbpurify accumulate rich and original experiences of nature drug activity monomer and won the acceptance and praise from the industry, depend on the quickly speed and the best quality guarantee.As the well-knit professional knowledge, strict series of rules and responsible working attitude, Herbpurify will provide the high level products according to customers different demand to customization.

Modern plant chemical components extraction and separation of custom business

Modern plant chemical composition  is the secondary metabolite of plant is naturally existing important distribute in the high and low grade different phytogroup ,the multifarious structure type and quantity is not only appear biodiversity on molecular level, but also have important function in the process of life. Phytochemics from angle of view of life sciences and dynamic nature of plant biological system, comprehend the dynamic change rulesource routeand relationship with the external environment and phyletic evolution. Use the modern technology to extract, purification and structural identification, got the plant chemical composition quickly. (Example: Sophoraflavanone G). Use the modern science technology obtained the different pharmaceutical compound group from nature plant according to the particular chemical property of different pharmaceutical compounds base on inherit promote advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.Extract plant chemical group is the one key business of Herbpurify biology. Herbpurify tailored product as your demand.

Plant extract effective parts separation custom business

       Plant extract classify three categories. The first category: the nature drug go through purification, purity >95%, Usually it is solitary, static single compound. The second category: the nature drug go through separateprecipitation separation extraction separation and so on processing steps, obtained the multiple component extract.The third category: the nature drug without separation, just through simply solvent extractionsupercritical fluid extraction(SFE)distillation extraction and so on processing steps, obtained the single powdered extract or liquid extract.
Plant extract the legitimate target area is the one key business of Herbpurify biology.Herbpurify tailored product as your demand.

Ethnic medicine, folk medicine active ingredients custom business

Authentic medicinal herbs is criteria for evaluation for standardizationqualitycurative effect of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been by constant artificial selection in the pathognomonic eco geographical environment. Biological connotation of Authentic medicinal herbs is a individual group of biology. That is the best genotypethe best ecotypethe best phenotype and the best chemical type. And they have quantative attributespatial characteristicshereditary featurechemical characteristicspharmacodynamic characteristics. To be authentic medicinal herbs ,the reason is the plant genicmutation by the plant adipption ecology and ecojendsis and environment changed. Traditional Chinese medicine include: traditional Chinese medicineEthnomedicine folk medicine  Ethnomedicine is use in minority nationality regions.Ethnomedicine is use in minority national regions. It is depend on traditional medicine theory and practice in local. Ethnomedicine is from minority nationality regions. They have bright regional characteristics and national tradition. Folk medicine is also herb-medicine. Different habit use in different regions. Not record in pharmacopeia. Plant is the main ingredients. So ,ethnodrug and folk medicine is part of authentic medicinal herbs. There is important meaningful that R&D the active ingredient of authentic medicinal herbs to push forward of the modern medicine. Herbpurify put in a lot of energy for that, accumulation rich experience for distinguish and isolation technics.

Industrialization of natural products to extract the overall solution outsourcing business
        Total solution of industrial extraction of natural product is Herbpurify’s one of the key business. For many years, Herbpurify accumulated many valuable experience, and assisted dozens of comyanies in the industrial soluted their Scale production problems.Herbpurify look forward to building relationship with you to push forward the traditional Chinese medicine, carry forward the advantage and make contribution for humans health.


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